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George V. Deneff Gallery

The George V. Deneff Gallery at Able ARTS Work exists to showcase the creative work of resident artists through quarterly exhibits and sales of artwork to private and corporate collections. This gallery is dedicated to fostering and promoting the work of artists with disabilities where artists earn a 50% commission on the sale of their work. These exhibits are in partnership with the day programs and the exhibits department as well as guest curators.

Virtual exhibits are available for viewing.

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ARTifact Forum

ARTifact Forum & Gallery is a creative arts exhibition and learning space. This space serves as a public gallery space to showcase art, performance and installation work, where the exchange of ideas and experiences are encouraged. ARTifact also hosts creative arts workshops and offers vocational training opportunities in the arts for individuals with and without disabilities. Workshops are open to all members of the local community for a small materials fee.

ARTifact is home to an annual Community Showcase, a highly celebrated community event that brings together and celebrates artists with and without disabilities from Southern California. In 2020, this showcase was presented though as a virtual event. Check it out here.


Gallery at the EXPO Arts Center

Able ARTS Work invites you to the Able ARTS Work Gallery located at the EXPO Arts Center in Bixby Knolls, CA. Our gallery features original artwork and handmade items designed by current and past resident artists and musicians of Able ARTS Work. 

Tuesday - Friday: 9am-4pm Walk-ins welcome.

Email to coordinate a tour

Closed: Saturday & Sunday


4321 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, CA 90807


This gallery is in the spirit of social inclusion, entrepreneurship and enterprise.

  • Social inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Social entrepreneurship describes pioneering individuals who generate innovations that benefit humanity and create a business model of positive impact

  • Social enterprise, defined as any non-profit, for-profit or hybrid corporate form that utilizes market-based strategies to advance a social mission and values

Through this collaborative effort, together we are able to join forces and resources to provide a creative space for our artists with disabilities to show their artistic creations and have a place in the community to be gainfully employed. We are grateful for our social enterprise community partnerships as they have broadened the opportunities for quality of life not only for our artists but also an opportunity for awareness and advocacy that supports learning and personal growth strengthening and benefitting everyone in the community. 

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2nd & PCH

Community Exhibitions

Art is a universal language that helps us to connect to one another. Through community exhibitions, the greater community has opportunities to meet and learn from our service users and resident artist. Able ARTS Work is committed and dedicated to providing the tools and opportunities to our resident artists to pursue a career in art. Our community exhibitions department works to push fine work into the community by researching and submitting resident artists' artwork to exhibits.

This exhibitions department also works to host community exhibits with partnering galleries and public spaces in order to showcase artists with and without disabilities. These exhibits often act both as an act of community integration and as an incredible viewing experience. Email us to learn about our yearly community exhibitions and how you can get involved.

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Community Exhibits

Have Questions, Contact

Exhibitions Department

Jennifer Morris

Exhibits Coordinator
Tel: 562-982-0247

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