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Nearly 41 years ago, three courageous adults with developmental disabilities and a visionary music therapist charged a clear path for inclusion. Inside a small, run of the mill Long Beach Parks and Recreation classroom, music and art was used as a vehicle to overcome social stigmas, claim autonomy and make lasting contributions to society. Today, more than 3,000 children and adults throughout Southern California seek out Able ARTS Work’s unique approach to using art and music as a tool for positive personal and social change. While we have grown since our early days in the parks and rec’s room, it’s time for a Home of Our Own. The purchase of a building is symbolic of our purpose and will make sure meaningful services are accessible to people with disabilities, at-risk children and youth and other members of marginalized communities. By having a Home of Our Own, we come together with our community to build a kind of culture where everyone belongs.

We did it! With a $1 million grant from The John Gogian Family Foundation and fundraising from our Board of Directors and staff, we purchased a building in Long Beach in April 2022.

The 7,000 sq. ft. building, which will replace our current Long Beach rental that houses our Adult Day Program and administrative offices is 3,000 sq. ft. larger than our rental and in a safer neighborhood. However, the 1946 building needs $2.7M in renovations. The renovations include a new roof, new flooring, an updated exterior, a gallery space, an HVAC system, ADA bathrooms, Adult Day art and music therapy rooms created, administrative offices built, spaced cleared for a community center, a music therapy room built for the children’s clinic and an observation room connected to train health professionals. With a larger building, AAW will expand its community outreach services by using integrative creative art therapies and wellness activities to promote social cohesiveness in Los Angeles County. The building will serve the Adult Day Program from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. After 3:00 pm, it will be a high visibility community space offering free art and wellness workshops, community center use, clinical music therapy services and training, networking, and professional development opportunities for other non-profits and community organizations.


Help us raise funds by donating yourself, helping us connect with potential donors for room naming opportunities, and spreading the word on social media.

With a physical space to call our own, the communities we serve can count on a safe, inclusive space where they are valued, respected and encouraged to express themselves.

Get Involved

Today, we ask you to help us renovate our building so we can establish an accessible home in the heart of our community.

Share Our Campaign on Social Media!

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Please consider donating to Able ARTS Work's, Home of Our Own campaign. This company has been providing inclusive, person centered creative arts services and therapies to individuals with and without disabilities within an environment of growth, warmth and compassion for nearly 41 years.

The work that Able ARTS Work does is important, important for the communities they serve as well as important to the community as a whole. With a Home of Our Own, Able ARTS work can build a place where everyone belongs.

@ableartswork #lovebeforelearning #ahomeofourown #inclusion

Donate Small

  • With tax deductible donation, together we can do great things one step at a time.

Donate BIG

  • Donations of $100,000 and above will receive name recognition opportunities in the main room.

Create a Team

  • Raise fund by creating a team! Ask your friends and family to contribute...learn more here.

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Thank You! 

With your contribution and support we are one step closer to a home of our own.

Corrina York

Linda Wallace

Pamela Akop

Dennis Houlihan

Lynn & Rick Lavezzari

Lori & Steve Philps

Dr. Ami Belli

Ray & Denise Pelligrino

Steve & Jennifer Goldstein

Lillian Romero-Gomez

Jay & Trisha Dworsky

Bob and Marla Poggioli

Andrea and Jim Moriarty

Linda Fern

Carolyn Elliot

Jennifer Castillo

Mark Perez

Steve West Family Foundation

Doug and Jackie Wiggins

Allen Mellow

Steve Bogoyevac

Dorothy and Dean Richards

Claudette Goranson

Melody Velasco

Kellogg Supply Company

Melanie Cherry

David Carr

Cora and Robert Nichols

Ping Ho

Audrey Kerr

Lisa Mariotta

William Ross Family Foundation

Diane Zwang 

Maria Talieres

Rosalie Frankel

Marilyn Denter


Andy & Joan McFarland

Rachel Gennawey

Anna Goranson

Sebastian & Andrea Igreti

Robert & Tara Shepard

Jerry Andis & Marco Baful

Brock & Carol Kaericher

Steve & Victoria West 

Jaye Johnson

Todd & Corey Buchner

Harold Goldstein

Dennis Abreu

Ross Riddle

Aneesa Shami

Karen Wells

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