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About the Exhibit

Able ARTS Work presents the Car Show! This exhibit is co-curated between the exhibits team and resident artists Jesus Quiroz and Johnny Galda. This exhibit celebrates the history of transportation and all the devices humans use to get around.

People have been moving from one place to another since the dawn of humanity. And we have come a long way in vehicle advancement that aids us in our thousands of journeys. We encounter Cars, Buses, Bikes, and Trains everywhere we go. There are an estimated 1.2 billion cars in the world today, while there were only 500 million in 1986. Of that 1.2 billion, about one-quarter of the world's cars are in America. (


Jesus and Johnny were inspired to pitch this exhibit after Jesus had visited the Peterson Automotive Museum of Los Angeles. Their interest in the topic inspired a series of car paintings that have become the centerpieces of our show. Their enthusiasm spread across Able ARTS Work, and before we knew it, we had an entire exhibition planned.


Artists were encouraged to think about automotive culture, inventions that get us from one place to another, and the future of transportation. This exhibit displays the work of Able ARTS Work resident artists and community artists. Together they have brought Johnny and Jesus' vision to life and helped spread the enthusiasm for cars, and transportation.

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